Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

The BusinessOptics Logistics and Supply Chain Prescriptive Analytics Solution can assist your business in optimizing your supply chain

By accurately modelling it across the board in a great amount of detail, simulating it into the future and optimally recommending both real-time operational decisions and longer-term strategic decisions. The recommended decisions are easily actionable and can be integrated into your enterprise systems to ensure maximum automation of supply chain processes.

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Business Benefit

Model your Supply Chain
Models your entire supply chain in a holistic manner thereby ensuring globally optimal decisions are made rather than optimizing within business silos.
Faster Decision Making
Enables faster and more efficient decision making, especially when decisions are automated through integration into your other business systems
Reduces Risk
Reduces risk on many fronts including financial, operational, safety and compliance.
Reduces Cost
Reduces cost and increases profit through improved efficiencies.

What we do

The BusinessOptics Logistics and Supply chain Prescriptive Analytics Solution assists you with:

Demand Forecasting
Demand forecasting.
Inventory Planning
Inventory planning and replenishment.
Production and supply sourcing.
Production and supply sourcing.
Network, distribution and transport optimization.
Network, distribution and transport optimization.
What-if Scenario Analysis
Providing interactive what-if scenario analysis to support you in planning and managing risk.

Case Study

The financial benefits from using the product are enormous, with customers obtaining a 10x return on investment. Additional benefits include:

Increased Operational Efficiency
Increased Operational Efficiency.
Reduced Risk
Reduced Risk.