Credit Risk Management

With today’s economic climate causing consumers to be stretched ever further, effectively managing credit risk is critical to the success of any organisation exposed to retail credit risk.

The BusinessOptics credit risk prescriptive analytics solution will help your organisation manage its credit risk by intelligently optimizing decisions relating to the issuing of credit, collection of debt, retention of customers and the management of capital. It will provide you with unprecedented levels of transparency within your business, as well as enabling you to streamline key business processes.

BusinessOptics will reduce your risk, increase your revenue, decrease your costs and create unprecedented agility in your business.

The product has been applied in a number of industries including retail banking, micro-lending and retail consumer credit.

Business Benefits

Significantly reduce risk in all aspects of your business.
Rapidly Respond to Changes
Rapidly respond to changes in your business and the market in order to remain agile and competitive.
Improved Collections
Increase profit through improved collections and retentions.

What we do

The product is built around intelligent credit models of your customer that support:

Risk Based Lon Origination
Risk-based loan origination that is optimized based on your data.
Operational Analytics
Operational analytics that advise what strategies to pursue and which credit contracts to engage with in order to minimize churn and maximize collections.
Intelligent Matching
Intelligent matching of collection agents with debtors.
Cashflow Forecasting
Sophisticated cashflow forecasting, provisioning and scenario analysis over your entire business in near real-time.

Case Study

The financial benefits from using the product are enormous, with customers obtaining a 10x return on investment. Additional benefits include:

Improved Risk Management
Improved Risk Management.
Improved Collections.
Improved Collections.
Improved Retentions.
Improved Retentions.
Increased Operational Efficiency.
Increased Operational Efficiency.