The BusinessOptics Platform

BusinessOptics is a prescriptive analytics solution for both real-time decision optimization and scenario analysis.

Our platform enables business analysts, without data science or coding skills, to create sophisticated analytical models at big data scale that allow for real-time decision optimization and automation as well as strategic decision support through scenario analysis.

It helps medium to large enterprise customers with complex businesses involving many moving parts to improve decision making, reduce costs, increase revenue and manage risk.


The BusinessOptics Platform is user friendly and you don't need to be a developer.
It gives us the freedom to focus on business logic.
- Ju-Marie Bester, Analyst, Resolve Solution Partners

An integrated solution focused on your business needs

The BusinessOptics platform offers a holistic solution to your pressing business needs. We believe that you shouldn't have to worry about piecing together a solution for a bunch of different packages, but rather focus on your actual business problems.


Create sophisticated models using an intuitive visual interface

Rapidly build predictive and prescriptive analytics models without having to write code. Use the high-level visual interface to quickly make changes to your models, keeping them up to date with your changing business.

Modelling Screenshot

Effortlessly harness machine learning

Make smarter decisions by harnessing the power of machine learning. Use a variety of machine learning algorithms to get the best possible results. Automatically have the best algorithm chosen and tuned for you without needing special statistical or mathematical knowledge.

Machine Learning

Easily create and share interactive dashboards

Provide decision makers and line of business owners with powerful insights and decision making tools. Create compelling visualisations in just a few clicks

Dashboard Screenshot

Deploy ready made models and quickly extract value

Quickly deploy ready-made analytics models and quickly tailor them to your specific business needs. Select from a series of domain specific template models that have been extensively developed a team of highly skilled analysts.Deploy ready made modelsand quickly extract value

Template Model Screenshot

Run analytically based campaigns to optimize your business returns

Run campaigns based on the recommendations of your analytics models. Manage the entire campaign cycle automatically, from getting recommendations, to improving models with the results of the actions.

Campaign manager Screenshot

Collaborate with your team to build enterprise wide models

Collaborate on models, dashboards, and campaigns, within a team of analysts. Iterate quickly, share ideas transparently, while changes and differences remain clear.

Collaboration screenshot

Connect to all your relevant data

Store your data on the BusinessOptics managed data cloud, or connect directly to your enterprise systems. Integrate data from external data sources and web applications.

Data manager screenshot

Inject intelligence into your enterprise systems

Integrate with your existing enterprise systems to automate and assist in the everyday decisions of your business. Use the simple REST API to control any part of the BusinessOptics platform.


See how our platform can work for you

Let our analysts help you see how BusinessOptics can unleash your business' true value