BusinessOptics Solutions

BusinessOptics is a prescriptive analytics solution for both real-time decision optimization and scenario analysis.

Our platform enables business analysts, without data science or coding skills, to create sophisticated analytical models at big data scale that allow for real-time decision optimization and automation as well as strategic decision support through scenario analysis.

It helps medium to large enterprise customers with complex businesses involving many moving parts to improve decision making, reduce costs, increase revenue and manage risk.

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Sales and Customer Analytics

Customers’ attention spans are short, especially in the context of our age of information overload. In order to stand out, it is essential to really ‘know’ your customers, providing them with personalized offerings and expert services, both during the sales process and ongoing customer engagements. Prescriptive analytics allows you to do just that. It is about knowing your customers and making decisions that maximize customer lifetime value.

The solution naturally integrates into call centers, websites and mobile apps to automate the application of the intelligence. It’s been widely deployed across a number of industries including insurance, banking and telecommunications.


Credit Risk Managament

The BusinessOptics credit risk prescriptive analytics solution will help your organisation manage its credit risk by intelligently optimizing decisions relating to the issuing of credit, collection of debt, retention of customers and the management of capital. It will provide you with unprecedented levels of transparency within your business, as well as enabling you to streamline key business processes.


Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

The BusinessOptics Logistics and Supply Chain Prescriptive Analytics Solution can assist your business in optimising your supply chain.

By accurately modelling it across the board in a great amount of detail, simulating it into the future and optimally recommending both real-time operational decisions and longer-term strategic decisions. The recommended decisions are easily actionable and can be integrated into your enterprise systems to ensure maximum automation of supply chain processes.